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#Blog: 🌸 The Devil in You by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Communication #QOTD 

When Others Bring Out the Devil in You

by Leslie Fischman

Avoid temptation at all costs. This requires being able to differentiate need from necessity, and want from required to feel whole. What is it that causes you to behave in a way that you’re not proud of? Identify those triggers, and set boundaries for yourself and for those around you. Much about life requires communication, communication to express our needs and wants, professionally, socially, and romantically. It’s easy to get these things confused with one another during the process of communicating with one another. Friends are friends, lovers are lovers, and professional associations and communications should all be dealt with differently to ensure no miscommunication of needs and wants. Work is not for friendship, and your lovers are not for venting and negativity. This leaves much of your communication needs for balance to your friends, who are the ones you should confide in, not work or romantic relationships. -So how does the devil come into play? The Devil is your ego, the one that causes you to lash out at others, fall in love with the wrong people, drink or use drugs, or behave inappropriately. If you are someone who is emotional, overt behavior is caused by expressing yourself beyond the bounds of what is considered normal. Knowing that, know your limits with people, do not connect closely with those you do not wish to have extended relationships with, do not connect with those where the type of relationship gets skewed or crosses over to another kind of relationship making it therefore an inappropriate relationship. You choose who you bond with, it’s not required you bond with anyone you are not comfortable bonding with. Trust is required for any bond, trust that boundaries will be maintained, and trust that the relationship existing is not considered to be anything more than what it is. So don’t let the Devil convince you otherwise that there’s sonething more than what is, fall in love with the wrong people, know your limits. It’s easier when in a relationship bonded to avoid these situations, more likely to occur when single unattached to be courted by others and people to seek bonds with you. Everything in life needs balance. It’s your responsibility to maintain balance of communication in all relationships, not allow one to affect the other. Trust your instincts, ignore negative voices (Devil), and most of all be yourself and everything should fall into place both personally and professionally. The best way to deal with any conflict is to not respond at all, not waste your time explaining yourself to people who assume the worst to cause you to self-sabatoge to prove them right about you, be yourself don’t let negative voices cause you to question yourself, become paranoid, or cause you to behave in a way that does not reflect you in the positive, but causes you to act out of character appear mentally ill. Just ignore them.

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Job Description & Work History 🌸 by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Job Description & #BloggingCampaign Work History by Leslie Fischman

#BloggingCampaign was created by a Corporation I built, MYMOLLYDOLL. I have been working alone since 2013, beginning as a Court Reporter to the US Supreme Court in session, and later provided Document Services, a Courier & Correspondent to the US Supreme Court, Rand Paul, and The White House (President Barack Obama). We led with our HRC foot, all information provided was labeled with Issue: Mental Health, Education & Medical Records were provided to them; and HRC volunteering myself for study by their Human Research Committee. I also sent a Research Study Proposal to CU Boulder, in an effort to be compliant & in order to study Terrorism and it’s Effects on Society, to cure the problem of Homegrown Terrorism figure out from where and why these incidences of Violence were motivated to occur and for what reasons, figure out a negotiation strategy to reduce recidivism and continued violence for those reasons identified. We have since come up with many Solutions. That Spring 2013, I applied to HRW Counterrorism Unit, upon which no reply was given, I also sent a 25lb Box of Documents to The US Supreme Court, CA Supreme Court, and Federal Building prior to Boston. I also called FBINY prior to Boston. These incidences did not occur because of my blogging, but because my Counterrorism arguments were not acknowledged as such, or taken seriously by FBINY. The first agency I reported to regarding privacy concerns was #FBIDC. And requested to apply for a job, a business card was given to me at that time. Those were my responsibilities 2012-2013 to report to curtail to solve this epidemic. 
Today I Blog, keeping it simple: Quotes, Fashion, Education, & Music. Sharing my Culture and exposure online to help raise awareness for Brady Campaign & Mom’s Demand. My duties include: Writing quotes daily, drafting a manuscript for a Book, represent the organizations I provide aide to by awareness campaigning, participating & volunteering at events & marches, corresponding on Twitter with professional organizations, offering feedback and suggestions to NRA following an attack, empowering those in the Helping Professions, reblogging pertinent information on Campaign blogs, meeting with professionals to perfect pitch and work product purpose & scope methodology, research and read stay up to date on current events & issues, reply to DNC mail surveys and questionnaires as a member since 2009, report to USArmy command post in Culver City as an applicant enlisted since 2009 eligible for basic training, and represent myself as best I can as a nominee for Best Integrated Campaign at this year’s Shorty Awards. (To be continued).

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#Blog: Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by Leslie Fischman 

Just because we are given roles in life doesn’t mean we need to adhere to them. Sometimes you can’t take everything so literally in life. It’s okay to explore the horizon, see where you best fit in life. Those who take on leadership positions in life are great at taking on multiple roles. They are great at taking on multiple responsibilities, and setting a good example to those who follow and they lead. Never take on more than you can handle on your own, and always ask for help when help is needed. It’s to each’s his own responsibility to be guided and guide according to prescribed roles identified in society and social structures. Those who empower are admired, those powerful are envied, and those powerless are forgotten. Never forget where you came from. No one group is less important than the others, all our needs matter, until all our needs are met. Equality to me means bettering the lives of others because their livelihood matters too, not just my own. It means helping others, not at our own expense, but because it’s the right thing to do, rewarding because it should feel good to help enable others to achieve the same success in life if not become better stronger than ourselves. Fighting for equality, whether for education or any other rights, is what has made this Campaign so strong, exposure is everything, sharing is caring, and the ultimate key to empowerment is through education upon which all other ailments can be resolved. These are my beliefs, this is not why I created, but because the information I had was so valuable it was stolen from me, 2 computers, why archived work was placed online. In order for any change to occur, I believed it was most important to help the Professionals first, not the Kids, and by directly serving them, I hope that indirectly those populations currently suffering would be helped too. I aide those in the Helping Professions because that is my experience & specialty as a Researcher who graduated with Honors Cum Laude in Sociology, Ex-Psychology Major. I don’t discriminate, I know my place, and I set boundaries for myself, that is how my Campaign for #GunViolence Prevention, Entertainment, and Education has become so successful, known, and recognized by invitation to Brady Bear Awards & by invitation to Volunteer for Mom’s Demand. There is more work to be done. Thank you for following. 

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#Blog: 🌸 Take Control #RudyGiuliani Good Luck! by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Moving on is the hardest part. The more pieces we can put together the better off we’ll be moving forward. Living in fear is the worst consequence. Never let them win. Always outsmart your opponent on all bases, don’t let them keep up, always move forward five steps ahead of the game. Pray often, and exercise your rights, & seek the change you wish to see in the World. Don’t passively watch life occur on its own terms, adjust the terms where you see fit, based upon what the conditions will allow. Always be in control. Meaning always be proactive, taking preventative measures daily, keeping up with the times, and taking any necessary action or steps you see fit. What is necessary is for you to decide, based upon the patterns you recognize, the knowledge you have, and the dreams you wish see come to fruition. To plan for the future you must first see it to believe in it, then help others work together to create a mutual understanding upon which change can occur, based upon the terms you set & decide upon, from which we all grow. We are bound by similarities & differences in opinion, truth, fact, & fiction all play a role in how we see the World & to what extent our decision making gets rationalized, be a painter not an observer in life, that’s how you maintain control, feel in control, & reduce fear of the future. What you see, we see, that’s what leadership is all about. (Advice to #RudyGiuliani).

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#Blog: People Will Judge You If You Allow Them To by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

People will judge you if you allow them to. It’s not my job to make better relationships that go sour, not by my doing, not my responsibility. I’m not a peacemaker, nor a peacemaker, I’ve been put in the position to fight for what beliefs, ideas, opinions, lessons, protocols, and trainings I’ve been given to do my part to ensure peace is possible. Law enforcement has the job to maintain the peace, I am not law enforcement. Laws ensure that peace is made, as an advocate (certified crisis hotline counselor) my job is to ensure resources are provided when necessary and to whom, who is in need, what is urgent, what is necessary, what is enough, based upon my professional understanding of the matter, based on what I feel is needed to be said, discussed, of issue, of concern based upon what I read is of concern by parties who have been affected by violence, to whom I empathize as I am directly affected as a dedicated advocate, who does her best daily to maintain self, professionalism, required to provide aide to those in need, which includes people in control of vulnerable populations, at risk populations, and populations of concern, to whom advocacy is, should be required, which resources for coping are provided, and investigated for preventative measures as it applies to the present circumstances.

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#InstaQuote: Why It’s Important to Be Conservative by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Always best to be conservative in your approach, never to mock, mimic, categorize, role play, cite to, cliche, take on any roles or positions that give way for inference of any inside jokes. Always be weary that was is like, gets compared, and what is similar to gets judged more critically. The greater the likelihood of occurance, the higher the scrutiny, the less likely the occurance, the more lenient of judgments are passed. Be careful not to omit information in the public eye, as information omitted is deemed inference for weakness, or at issue, not recollected out loud so as to hide or conceal information. Must remember every statement made and and make clear, or later clarify previous statements made within the context of the given discussion, with directions as to how related if related at all, and whether important to what degree and towards what conclusion. These are not general defenses in life when it comes to public speaking, but are important pin points for reference when every statement by you is made, what to keep in mind, to protect yourself from harm and unreasonable assumptions made and inferences as to your purpose, your life, your identity, your causes, and your disposition in life now in terms of how it differs from your circumstances prior, always explain yourself, your current condition, and anything relative to understanding all sides better, not just your own.