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#Blog: 🌸 Always Be Grateful for Those There for You When You Were Lost by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

We cried, we laughed, we have so much to be thankful for. In order for anything to be possible we must first have a belief in oneself, that such goals can be accomplished. Rarely on our own or left to our own devices but while given a hand by another. Always be thankful for those who never left you astray, believed in you, and made you feel special. Only together can such lofty goals as peace be accomplished. It only takes a second to lose footing, but lifetimes to achieve. Always be appreciative of those who have helped guide us in the right direction, without whom we would still be lost. It’s times like these we show gratitude, honor, & respect for those who have fallen while fighting to protect the lives we lead. Never wait for the right moment to be of service, but always do your best to contribute thoughtfully as best you can, it takes many to rise to lift the fallen, and one to shine brighter than the rest to give hope, never lose faith in oneself. You can’t start over in life, you can only pick up the pieces and make due with positions handed to you, not everything in life is a choice. The only way to undo patterns that break us is to see beyond. We see best when things are right, we freeze when somethings off, and we rest when things get done. Always trust those who protect you from harm, enjoy not just the end result, but always have an appreciation for the work that led to those moments of closure & peace. What we recall repeats, what we learn transpires, what we fear is avoided, and what we see gets dictated to us to protect us from harm. See by those you trust, listen to those who protect, and accept those who have yet to reach peace from within and realize their potential. It’s to each’s own responsibility to do what is right, follow directions, and lead no one astray. When everyone gives up on you, the only one there for you when you are lost is often a stranger, I feel lucky to have been mentored by someone of great strength, compassion, and patience, without whom I would not have made it this far, or been able to be there for others, with confidence given to me by my education gifted to me and trust given by him to lead online. What I’ve learned is when you feel right, when others are scared, best to speak up, share your mind, and help not base your self worth on things or jobs, your fitness is by your health & accomplishments not always by acceptance. So long as you know the difference between right and wrong, you should have nothing to fear, including the opinions & criticisms shared by others, should not change you but make you stronger. Always be there for those who were there for you when you were down, lost, or dreaming.

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#Blog: 🌸 Your Voices vs. Theirs, How to Overcome by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

When you’re on your own, and not socializing, you hear a lot of voices, sometimes negative, either about yourself or others, it can drive you insane. Any negativity, unless you’ve got the stomach for it is annoying, at least when you’re depressed and trying to stay positive about yourself and others. In order to have a positive attitude you need to achieve, and in order to stay positive you need not worry what others think, think your own thoughts not theirs. That doesn’t mean only worry about yourself, not others, in fact putting the needs of others before your own is helpful when you’re going through a difficult time, to concentrate less on yourself & your problems & be more in active productive, helping others is simply one way of being productive that translates to feeling better about yourself and others, less worried about what others think about you or in general. Always concentrate on your own thoughts, if negative from where do those voices come from and why, to what issues trigger those replies you hear in your head, if negative ask yourself why & deal with those feelings piecemeal, one at a time until you find a strategy for overcoming that feeling & the corresponding emotion or voices that follow. Always be in control of your mind, know your body, how it responds, and what you need to do self care wise to maintain stability so that negativity does not overpower you cause you to self harm. Love you first, loving yourself means staying proactive & disciplined when it comes to self care, the less you care about yourself the less others will care about you. Always rise above, in your head not others, on your path not question another’s, live your dream not another’s, think your thoughts not what others think, and most of all care always for others and yourself, the more accepting you are of others the easier it will be to challenge, overcome, & not be easily affected by any voices including ones produced on your own.

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#Blog: The Hardest Part About Being Alone by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

The hardest part about being alone is learning how to love yourself anyways, without the added reassurance from a significant other, or others. It’s like going through withdrawals, an addiction. We get so used to being codependent that we forget how to be on our own. That doesn’t mean you’re weak, you’re just used to feeling good only when able to make another feel good, or another making you feel good. What about feeling good on your own? This we forget sometimes, how to when in a relationship. It’s always okay to take a step back & breathe, get away from the chase, hustle & bustle of courtships & maintaining composure. Test your strength on your own, not rely upon the rejection of another to turn around and look at yourself for a change. If you’re where you need to be at personally, no one will ever make you feel forced to work on yourself. The more you take responsibility for your feelings, and take the initiative to better yourself, the better off you’ll be.

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#InstaQuote: Nothing Comes Easy in Life by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Nothing comes easy in life, including finding a Career and sticking to the path that you’re on. If it takes 3 jobs to make a paycheck, it takes 3 jobs. If it means no going out, staying home, and writing for a living, so be it. Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. You may not be happy where you are but all your hard work will pay off eventually. Don’t listen to the negative voices saying “well they’re paying for it now.” For what? The only consequence of choosing to stay in School and Intern is that you get started later in life. That doesn’t mean you’re not working just as hard as the next person trying to earn a living and make ends meet. There’s no one to prove wrong under those circumstances, only person you need to please is yourself on your way up in life, no one else can tell you how to get there or what you need to do in order to achieve, that’s something we must each figure out on our own. 

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#InstaQuote: Let Go of Expectations by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Does it really matter what people think of you? Does it really matter how well liked you are? Of course it does, but all within reason. Never to the extent that you have to sacrifice who you are in order to fit the mold of who you think you should be or who others expect you to be. Always be yourself, acceptance comes over time. It’s not easy to love anyone who does not yet love themselves. It may be acceptance from others you seek, when really the problem is lack of acceptance of self. Blaming others is never the solution to your problems. The best way to overcome any problem & take back control over your life is to face your fears & let go of expectations and accept yourself as you are, perfect or broken, then begin to put yourself back together again. Acceptance doesn’t require perfection it merely requires patience, understanding, and love -love for yourself & all that you were, could be, and are as is. 

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#InstaQuote: Running in Circles by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Do you ever find yourself running in circles, feeling like there’s no way out. Often times leaps of Faith require us to change in some way in order to acquire what we want in life. Nothing comes easy. It’s through life’s difficulties and challenges that we learn the most about ourselves. Whether it’s by diving in and taking chances in life, or staying put and being patient, you decide which direction your life goes in. Everything in life, to some extent, involves some kind of push and pull between our needs and the needs of others, always trying to find some kind of balance. When our opportunities or chances in life are limited it’s because we situated ourselves so, never to the fault of others should we blame our circumstances, if by the choices we make caused us to be where we are. Failure is one thing, bottoming out is another, one should not cause the other. Why its important to pick yourself us as soon as you hit a hurdle in life, and keep going. You never know what’s on the other side of life if you don’t try to make it past where you are now.

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#InstaQuote: Make it Happen by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Make it happen. It doesn’t matter which way you go in life, so long as you know where you’re going, you’ll never get lost. Always plan ahead, make lists, and be prepared. Some of the most successful moments in our lives occur when we know what we want in life and are prepared for seeing things thru for ourselves. Don’t get caught up in self-doubt and self-sabatoge which often occurs right before we are able to make things happen for ourselves in life. A defeative attitude will get you nowhere in life. A positive attitude will get you places in life. Know the diffetence, and most of all don’t allow yourself to keep you from moving forward successful. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, what matters most is what you think of yourself.