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#Blog: Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by Leslie Fischman 

Just because we are given roles in life doesn’t mean we need to adhere to them. Sometimes you can’t take everything so literally in life. It’s okay to explore the horizon, see where you best fit in life. Those who take on leadership positions in life are great at taking on multiple roles. They are great at taking on multiple responsibilities, and setting a good example to those who follow and they lead. Never take on more than you can handle on your own, and always ask for help when help is needed. It’s to each’s his own responsibility to be guided and guide according to prescribed roles identified in society and social structures. Those who empower are admired, those powerful are envied, and those powerless are forgotten. Never forget where you came from. No one group is less important than the others, all our needs matter, until all our needs are met. Equality to me means bettering the lives of others because their livelihood matters too, not just my own. It means helping others, not at our own expense, but because it’s the right thing to do, rewarding because it should feel good to help enable others to achieve the same success in life if not become better stronger than ourselves. Fighting for equality, whether for education or any other rights, is what has made this Campaign so strong, exposure is everything, sharing is caring, and the ultimate key to empowerment is through education upon which all other ailments can be resolved. These are my beliefs, this is not why I created, but because the information I had was so valuable it was stolen from me, 2 computers, why archived work was placed online. In order for any change to occur, I believed it was most important to help the Professionals first, not the Kids, and by directly serving them, I hope that indirectly those populations currently suffering would be helped too. I aide those in the Helping Professions because that is my experience & specialty as a Researcher who graduated with Honors Cum Laude in Sociology, Ex-Psychology Major. I don’t discriminate, I know my place, and I set boundaries for myself, that is how my Campaign for #GunViolence Prevention, Entertainment, and Education has become so successful, known, and recognized by invitation to Brady Bear Awards & by invitation to Volunteer for Mom’s Demand. There is more work to be done. Thank you for following. 

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#Blog: 🌸 Education & Confidence by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #QOTD #Quote 

Nothing lasts forever, and everything is temporary. It’s all about perspective. Education is key to your understanding. Where you see yourself, in relation to others, is a direct reflection of yourself education & experience in life. You are what you read and learn. Confidence comes through exposure, the more you can relate to different settings, the more capable you’ll be of blending in and feeling comfortable with yourself. Comfort is achieved by knowledge, knowledge is achieved by a combination of education & experience. Therefore if you’re lacking confidence the best way to get strong is to travel, try new things, read, and explore different settings to help adjust your own. While adjusting your settings, you learn how to better control not only how you perceive yourself in relation to others, but also how to strengthen your sense of self in relation to others. Confidence issues and insecurity occur when you compare yourself to others. Love yourself enough to know that you are perfect just the way you are. Start there and everything else should fall into place.