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#Blog: 🌸 The Devil in You by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Communication #QOTD 

When Others Bring Out the Devil in You

by Leslie Fischman

Avoid temptation at all costs. This requires being able to differentiate need from necessity, and want from required to feel whole. What is it that causes you to behave in a way that you’re not proud of? Identify those triggers, and set boundaries for yourself and for those around you. Much about life requires communication, communication to express our needs and wants, professionally, socially, and romantically. It’s easy to get these things confused with one another during the process of communicating with one another. Friends are friends, lovers are lovers, and professional associations and communications should all be dealt with differently to ensure no miscommunication of needs and wants. Work is not for friendship, and your lovers are not for venting and negativity. This leaves much of your communication needs for balance to your friends, who are the ones you should confide in, not work or romantic relationships. -So how does the devil come into play? The Devil is your ego, the one that causes you to lash out at others, fall in love with the wrong people, drink or use drugs, or behave inappropriately. If you are someone who is emotional, overt behavior is caused by expressing yourself beyond the bounds of what is considered normal. Knowing that, know your limits with people, do not connect closely with those you do not wish to have extended relationships with, do not connect with those where the type of relationship gets skewed or crosses over to another kind of relationship making it therefore an inappropriate relationship. You choose who you bond with, it’s not required you bond with anyone you are not comfortable bonding with. Trust is required for any bond, trust that boundaries will be maintained, and trust that the relationship existing is not considered to be anything more than what it is. So don’t let the Devil convince you otherwise that there’s sonething more than what is, fall in love with the wrong people, know your limits. It’s easier when in a relationship bonded to avoid these situations, more likely to occur when single unattached to be courted by others and people to seek bonds with you. Everything in life needs balance. It’s your responsibility to maintain balance of communication in all relationships, not allow one to affect the other. Trust your instincts, ignore negative voices (Devil), and most of all be yourself and everything should fall into place both personally and professionally. The best way to deal with any conflict is to not respond at all, not waste your time explaining yourself to people who assume the worst to cause you to self-sabatoge to prove them right about you, be yourself don’t let negative voices cause you to question yourself, become paranoid, or cause you to behave in a way that does not reflect you in the positive, but causes you to act out of character appear mentally ill. Just ignore them.

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#Blog: 🌸 Take it Easy on Yourselves #SelfCare by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Take it easy on yourselves. You only have one life to live. At least you have your friends, family, co-workers, and gym buddies -where would we be without a little comradere in life. Getting fit is the first step toward self-love, to look good, feel good, and be on the outside as loveable as we feel on the inside. Sometimes our appearances don’t match how we feel, and that’s okay. So long as you continue to set goals for yourself, challenge yourself day in and day out to be the best version of yourself you can be, you’ll be well on your way to happiness, living a life enjoyed not loathed, enthusiastic not depressed, positive not moody, and feel loved not repressed in self-hate. Remind yourself this is your life, no one else’s, how you live is a direct reflection of yourself, how much you care, and your self-worth. Be who you want to be around, someone you love as much as your significant other. Always rising to the occassion, on time, present, and aware of others, not locked in your own world. Life is a process, trust those around you, and take it one step at a time without backtracking or hesitation. Never give up on yourself, and others, be there for those you love and well enough to enjoy lifes blessings, appreciative. Life’s best lived present.

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#InstaQuote: Nothing Comes Easy in Life by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Nothing comes easy in life, including finding a Career and sticking to the path that you’re on. If it takes 3 jobs to make a paycheck, it takes 3 jobs. If it means no going out, staying home, and writing for a living, so be it. Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. You may not be happy where you are but all your hard work will pay off eventually. Don’t listen to the negative voices saying “well they’re paying for it now.” For what? The only consequence of choosing to stay in School and Intern is that you get started later in life. That doesn’t mean you’re not working just as hard as the next person trying to earn a living and make ends meet. There’s no one to prove wrong under those circumstances, only person you need to please is yourself on your way up in life, no one else can tell you how to get there or what you need to do in order to achieve, that’s something we must each figure out on our own. 

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#InstaQuote: When Life Doesn’t Turn Out as Planned by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we had planned. Nothing is set in stone, and not everything may work out in our favor. There’s nothing wrong with failure. Remind yourself everyday that you are special, and that you deserve the best -and that no matter what, no matter who’s given up on you, that you will never give up on yourself. Don’t allow your life story to become someone else’s entertainment and comedy. Everyone’s life is important & everyone has the opportunity to contribute to a cause worth while of greater importance than themselves. That is why we Volunteer. That is why we help others. It is not our success we value but the success of our group as a whole that we choose to support along the way. So long as you stay active, and Volunteer your self worth should never be measured by the amount of money you make but by the number of people you help and by the amount of change that transpires and the amount of money you help raise to support the organizations you choose to associate with. That’s how I’ve given value to my life when unemployed & I hope that others similarly situated will find time to help someone other than themselves when struggling to earn a paycheck & find work. Love comes and goes. All we have are ourselves at the end of the day. Make the most of your life as I have, and you too will find joy in living life with purpose -a purpose greater than yourself. From there your options are limitless.

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#InstaQuote: Love What You Do by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #LifeQuotes #Thoughts 

Love what you do for a living. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. So long as you are happy, that’s all that matters. We all have odd jobs in life, and have had jobs that we’re not proud of, but that doesn’t mean you’re worthless, or any less successful than the next. Learning is a process, and we don’t always go straight from point A to point B, sometimes we have to take steps in between to get where we are going in life. One day you’ll look back and be proud of how far you’ve come, and all the more thankful if you are patient with yourself through this process of learning. We may not have it all figured out yet, successful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you’re doing as you grow through this process. Enjoy life, don’t beat yourself up, be patient, proactive, and never give up. There’s so much to be excited about in life, including self-growth.

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#InstaQuote: Make it Happen by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Make it happen. It doesn’t matter which way you go in life, so long as you know where you’re going, you’ll never get lost. Always plan ahead, make lists, and be prepared. Some of the most successful moments in our lives occur when we know what we want in life and are prepared for seeing things thru for ourselves. Don’t get caught up in self-doubt and self-sabatoge which often occurs right before we are able to make things happen for ourselves in life. A defeative attitude will get you nowhere in life. A positive attitude will get you places in life. Know the diffetence, and most of all don’t allow yourself to keep you from moving forward successful. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, what matters most is what you think of yourself.

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#InstaQuote: Don’t Give Up by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Quote #FBloggers 

It’s easy to quit, but sticking to it is harder than you think. Right when you feel like you’ve had enough is when you need to keep trying. Don’t stop dreaming before the miracle happens. Change comes to those who wait and are patient with themselves and others. You’re missing out in life if everytime you face a hurdle you turn around. Why start over what you have yet to finish, when you can instead keep going. Don’t stoptrying, and never give up.