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Job Description & Work History 🌸 by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Job Description & #BloggingCampaign Work History by Leslie Fischman

#BloggingCampaign was created by a Corporation I built, MYMOLLYDOLL. I have been working alone since 2013, beginning as a Court Reporter to the US Supreme Court in session, and later provided Document Services, a Courier & Correspondent to the US Supreme Court, Rand Paul, and The White House (President Barack Obama). We led with our HRC foot, all information provided was labeled with Issue: Mental Health, Education & Medical Records were provided to them; and HRC volunteering myself for study by their Human Research Committee. I also sent a Research Study Proposal to CU Boulder, in an effort to be compliant & in order to study Terrorism and it’s Effects on Society, to cure the problem of Homegrown Terrorism figure out from where and why these incidences of Violence were motivated to occur and for what reasons, figure out a negotiation strategy to reduce recidivism and continued violence for those reasons identified. We have since come up with many Solutions. That Spring 2013, I applied to HRW Counterrorism Unit, upon which no reply was given, I also sent a 25lb Box of Documents to The US Supreme Court, CA Supreme Court, and Federal Building prior to Boston. I also called FBINY prior to Boston. These incidences did not occur because of my blogging, but because my Counterrorism arguments were not acknowledged as such, or taken seriously by FBINY. The first agency I reported to regarding privacy concerns was #FBIDC. And requested to apply for a job, a business card was given to me at that time. Those were my responsibilities 2012-2013 to report to curtail to solve this epidemic. 
Today I Blog, keeping it simple: Quotes, Fashion, Education, & Music. Sharing my Culture and exposure online to help raise awareness for Brady Campaign & Mom’s Demand. My duties include: Writing quotes daily, drafting a manuscript for a Book, represent the organizations I provide aide to by awareness campaigning, participating & volunteering at events & marches, corresponding on Twitter with professional organizations, offering feedback and suggestions to NRA following an attack, empowering those in the Helping Professions, reblogging pertinent information on Campaign blogs, meeting with professionals to perfect pitch and work product purpose & scope methodology, research and read stay up to date on current events & issues, reply to DNC mail surveys and questionnaires as a member since 2009, report to USArmy command post in Culver City as an applicant enlisted since 2009 eligible for basic training, and represent myself as best I can as a nominee for Best Integrated Campaign at this year’s Shorty Awards. (To be continued).

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#Blog: Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Gender Roles, Leadership, & Equality by Leslie Fischman 

Just because we are given roles in life doesn’t mean we need to adhere to them. Sometimes you can’t take everything so literally in life. It’s okay to explore the horizon, see where you best fit in life. Those who take on leadership positions in life are great at taking on multiple roles. They are great at taking on multiple responsibilities, and setting a good example to those who follow and they lead. Never take on more than you can handle on your own, and always ask for help when help is needed. It’s to each’s his own responsibility to be guided and guide according to prescribed roles identified in society and social structures. Those who empower are admired, those powerful are envied, and those powerless are forgotten. Never forget where you came from. No one group is less important than the others, all our needs matter, until all our needs are met. Equality to me means bettering the lives of others because their livelihood matters too, not just my own. It means helping others, not at our own expense, but because it’s the right thing to do, rewarding because it should feel good to help enable others to achieve the same success in life if not become better stronger than ourselves. Fighting for equality, whether for education or any other rights, is what has made this Campaign so strong, exposure is everything, sharing is caring, and the ultimate key to empowerment is through education upon which all other ailments can be resolved. These are my beliefs, this is not why I created, but because the information I had was so valuable it was stolen from me, 2 computers, why archived work was placed online. In order for any change to occur, I believed it was most important to help the Professionals first, not the Kids, and by directly serving them, I hope that indirectly those populations currently suffering would be helped too. I aide those in the Helping Professions because that is my experience & specialty as a Researcher who graduated with Honors Cum Laude in Sociology, Ex-Psychology Major. I don’t discriminate, I know my place, and I set boundaries for myself, that is how my Campaign for #GunViolence Prevention, Entertainment, and Education has become so successful, known, and recognized by invitation to Brady Bear Awards & by invitation to Volunteer for Mom’s Demand. There is more work to be done. Thank you for following. 

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#Blog: People Will Judge You If You Allow Them To by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

People will judge you if you allow them to. It’s not my job to make better relationships that go sour, not by my doing, not my responsibility. I’m not a peacemaker, nor a peacemaker, I’ve been put in the position to fight for what beliefs, ideas, opinions, lessons, protocols, and trainings I’ve been given to do my part to ensure peace is possible. Law enforcement has the job to maintain the peace, I am not law enforcement. Laws ensure that peace is made, as an advocate (certified crisis hotline counselor) my job is to ensure resources are provided when necessary and to whom, who is in need, what is urgent, what is necessary, what is enough, based upon my professional understanding of the matter, based on what I feel is needed to be said, discussed, of issue, of concern based upon what I read is of concern by parties who have been affected by violence, to whom I empathize as I am directly affected as a dedicated advocate, who does her best daily to maintain self, professionalism, required to provide aide to those in need, which includes people in control of vulnerable populations, at risk populations, and populations of concern, to whom advocacy is, should be required, which resources for coping are provided, and investigated for preventative measures as it applies to the present circumstances.

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#Blog: 🌸 Always Be Grateful for Those There for You When You Were Lost by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

We cried, we laughed, we have so much to be thankful for. In order for anything to be possible we must first have a belief in oneself, that such goals can be accomplished. Rarely on our own or left to our own devices but while given a hand by another. Always be thankful for those who never left you astray, believed in you, and made you feel special. Only together can such lofty goals as peace be accomplished. It only takes a second to lose footing, but lifetimes to achieve. Always be appreciative of those who have helped guide us in the right direction, without whom we would still be lost. It’s times like these we show gratitude, honor, & respect for those who have fallen while fighting to protect the lives we lead. Never wait for the right moment to be of service, but always do your best to contribute thoughtfully as best you can, it takes many to rise to lift the fallen, and one to shine brighter than the rest to give hope, never lose faith in oneself. You can’t start over in life, you can only pick up the pieces and make due with positions handed to you, not everything in life is a choice. The only way to undo patterns that break us is to see beyond. We see best when things are right, we freeze when somethings off, and we rest when things get done. Always trust those who protect you from harm, enjoy not just the end result, but always have an appreciation for the work that led to those moments of closure & peace. What we recall repeats, what we learn transpires, what we fear is avoided, and what we see gets dictated to us to protect us from harm. See by those you trust, listen to those who protect, and accept those who have yet to reach peace from within and realize their potential. It’s to each’s own responsibility to do what is right, follow directions, and lead no one astray. When everyone gives up on you, the only one there for you when you are lost is often a stranger, I feel lucky to have been mentored by someone of great strength, compassion, and patience, without whom I would not have made it this far, or been able to be there for others, with confidence given to me by my education gifted to me and trust given by him to lead online. What I’ve learned is when you feel right, when others are scared, best to speak up, share your mind, and help not base your self worth on things or jobs, your fitness is by your health & accomplishments not always by acceptance. So long as you know the difference between right and wrong, you should have nothing to fear, including the opinions & criticisms shared by others, should not change you but make you stronger. Always be there for those who were there for you when you were down, lost, or dreaming.

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#InstaQuote: Always Be Thankful for Everyone Who Comes Into Your Life by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

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About: #BloggingCampaign by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

​With help from friends anything is possible, and nothing is as difficult as it seems. The better we listen to one another, the better we can help eachother overcome obstacles standing in the way of Peace. Fighting is not the solution. Passivity is not the solution either. Direct communication is best, listening from trusted sources and speaking to them directly about your concerns, and to share your ideas. This is not my methodology, but by my Crisis Hotline manual, I was taught that in order to resolve any conflict it’s best not to talk through people, but speak directly to those in charge, not drag unecessary third parties into a conflict that can be resolved through direct communication rather than talking about someone, to speak directly to them. That was my understanding of how to quickly deal with a problem, not make things worse, and how I have managed to get involved with Gun Violence Prevention Campaign efforts, and speak now in a trusted supervised space. I’m not manic. I’m not power tripping. I have no desire to be famous, I’m an Influencer by Credentials not for self promotion or Business Goals separate from #BloggingCampaign #BradyCampaign & #MomsDemand. I’ve been trying for 4 years now to grow my Campaign, and have finally found success, able to settle down & blog now to my Audience. I am very thankful for #NoNameVentures #TaylorAdamsAM for listening to my pitch & guiding me by interview questions the important things to focus on, by what was asked of me, is what I focused on, my responses, and from there I left with an Outline -a plan of Action. What were ideas walking into the meeting, came to fruition finally because I shared my ideas, and by sharing my ideas out loud, I became confident, with confidence I was able to follow through, and finally find success with some guidance & supportive listener. Who encouraged setting realistic goals over personal endeavors, and told what was needed to build a database online & write -followers. That I have achieved, why I’m focusing on writing for research purposes, Self-help purposes, more than Entertainment purposes which I’ve been doing for 3 years & recently changed focus. Hope that explains why I was a Comedian & now a Volunteer Quotes Blogger & Researcher to Mom’s Demand & Friend to Brady Campaign. Our needs are different now because my role has changed, I’m in a structured environment now since pitching to the President of Brady Campaign LA. I learned how to be a MultiGenre Writer in my Upper Division Writing Course at #CUBoulder. I wrote how I felt at the time. I’ve been through a lot and had no support for #BloggingCampaign ridiculed considered an embarrassment because I was a Writer Online, of content not valued by those who insulted me. Not understanding the broad goal of making friends to help Influence & spread awareness by means I was able to at the time, based on ability, confidence level, & academic achievement put together a Campaign and a few basic principles to grow from, start from. Music was the first jumping off point, we have grown since #BradyMusicCampaign in terms of acceptance & can now help Influence in other ways on a broader set of terms, deal with problems as they arise, to prevent violence & or worsen conflict. New goal is to be a good listener & problem solver by setting a good example & by sharing helpful ideas out loud, because sharing out loud in December 2015 helped me get this far, to 400k+ Followers on Facebook for a Month continuously, writing Quotes as Planned December 2015. I said I see myself doing something with Quotes. 

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#InstaQuote: Know Your Part by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Purpose #Motivation 

It’s not always clear why things are the way they are. If things could be different how would they be? Often times we are left with more questions than answers in life. It’s easy to fill those gaps with assumptions, but more times than not what’s left unsaid or left unclear is best met with patience & understanding. That we all deserved. Not everyone has a voice & sometimes we need to speak loud on behalf of those who are not heard & who need our help most. We are not called upon, we are not always hired help, but when given the opportunity to make a positive difference it’s important if you have the position to do so -to put yourself out there, do your best, and help make positive change happen. It is always ones own responsibility to do what is in their mind the right thing to do at any given moment in time. And when ready to help, to do so. That is my part.