Hello and Welcome to my newest addition to MYMOLLYDOLL online. I wanted to create a personal blog to showcase my writings on Instagram, Tumblr, and Weebly in a Network dedicated to Blogging.

I have been a Writer on Twitter since 2013 as @mymollydoll where the name MYMOLLYDOLL comes from. The President gave a Speech in 2013 on CSPAN and said the word Golly, so I thought of the Lyrics “Good Golly Miss Molly,” hence my Molly doll. The rest of the name was put together as we are told to pick a unique name to use online that sets us apart from the others and easily identifiable, and that is the name I came up with. My original name was @randbocotimes. Named after Rand Paul, Barack Obama, Colorado, and The LA Times, my first Follower on Twitter was @latimestot Andrew Malcom. I decided to choose a more feminine image, but have stayed close to my roots Campaigning online -by first establishing a platform from which to Campaign, that is a Public Figure, famous for something i.e. writing, with a strong influence in the online community i.e. Fame, who could then publicly support Campaigns of my choice who need support. Which is why after establishing MYMOLLYDOLL online I then created #BradyMusicCampaign i.e. #BloggingCampaign  (a Campaign for a Campaign i.e. Brady Campaign). 

I have many Blogs online, actively blogging on 3 on Twitter, 4 on Tumblr, 3 on WordPress, and maintain a Website on Weebly at mymollydoll.com.

The best place to Start is by searching for me on Social Media Platforms by Hashtags #MYMOLLYDOLL #LeslieFischman and #BloggingCampaign. There you can access the most relevant and up to date posts concerning my blogs and Campaign.

I’ve just registered my Company in the State of California, and continue to grow as a Business who specializes in Self-Help, Blogging Quotes and Fashion daily, and Articles featuring #BloggingTips on mymollydoll.com. 

Career wise, I’m a Certified Paralegal and Certified Crisis Hotline Counselor who now Volunteers at Mom’s Demand, attending Brady Campaign meetings, while working part-time as a Paralegal in Family Law conducting legal research and writing motions, while finishing my LLM Masters in Law in Risk Management and Compliance.

Thank you for following! If you have any questions please email me via the Contact Page.