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Job Description & Work History 🌸 by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Job Description & #BloggingCampaign Work History by Leslie Fischman

#BloggingCampaign was created by a Corporation I built, MYMOLLYDOLL. I have been working alone since 2013, beginning as a Court Reporter to the US Supreme Court in session, and later provided Document Services, a Courier & Correspondent to the US Supreme Court, Rand Paul, and The White House (President Barack Obama). We led with our HRC foot, all information provided was labeled with Issue: Mental Health, Education & Medical Records were provided to them; and HRC volunteering myself for study by their Human Research Committee. I also sent a Research Study Proposal to CU Boulder, in an effort to be compliant & in order to study Terrorism and it’s Effects on Society, to cure the problem of Homegrown Terrorism figure out from where and why these incidences of Violence were motivated to occur and for what reasons, figure out a negotiation strategy to reduce recidivism and continued violence for those reasons identified. We have since come up with many Solutions. That Spring 2013, I applied to HRW Counterrorism Unit, upon which no reply was given, I also sent a 25lb Box of Documents to The US Supreme Court, CA Supreme Court, and Federal Building prior to Boston. I also called FBINY prior to Boston. These incidences did not occur because of my blogging, but because my Counterrorism arguments were not acknowledged as such, or taken seriously by FBINY. The first agency I reported to regarding privacy concerns was #FBIDC. And requested to apply for a job, a business card was given to me at that time. Those were my responsibilities 2012-2013 to report to curtail to solve this epidemic. 
Today I Blog, keeping it simple: Quotes, Fashion, Education, & Music. Sharing my Culture and exposure online to help raise awareness for Brady Campaign & Mom’s Demand. My duties include: Writing quotes daily, drafting a manuscript for a Book, represent the organizations I provide aide to by awareness campaigning, participating & volunteering at events & marches, corresponding on Twitter with professional organizations, offering feedback and suggestions to NRA following an attack, empowering those in the Helping Professions, reblogging pertinent information on Campaign blogs, meeting with professionals to perfect pitch and work product purpose & scope methodology, research and read stay up to date on current events & issues, reply to DNC mail surveys and questionnaires as a member since 2009, report to USArmy command post in Culver City as an applicant enlisted since 2009 eligible for basic training, and represent myself as best I can as a nominee for Best Integrated Campaign at this year’s Shorty Awards. (To be continued).



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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