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#Blog: People Will Judge You If You Allow Them To by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

People will judge you if you allow them to. It’s not my job to make better relationships that go sour, not by my doing, not my responsibility. I’m not a peacemaker, nor a peacemaker, I’ve been put in the position to fight for what beliefs, ideas, opinions, lessons, protocols, and trainings I’ve been given to do my part to ensure peace is possible. Law enforcement has the job to maintain the peace, I am not law enforcement. Laws ensure that peace is made, as an advocate (certified crisis hotline counselor) my job is to ensure resources are provided when necessary and to whom, who is in need, what is urgent, what is necessary, what is enough, based upon my professional understanding of the matter, based on what I feel is needed to be said, discussed, of issue, of concern based upon what I read is of concern by parties who have been affected by violence, to whom I empathize as I am directly affected as a dedicated advocate, who does her best daily to maintain self, professionalism, required to provide aide to those in need, which includes people in control of vulnerable populations, at risk populations, and populations of concern, to whom advocacy is, should be required, which resources for coping are provided, and investigated for preventative measures as it applies to the present circumstances.



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