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#InstaQuote: Why It’s Important to Be Conservative by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Always best to be conservative in your approach, never to mock, mimic, categorize, role play, cite to, cliche, take on any roles or positions that give way for inference of any inside jokes. Always be weary that was is like, gets compared, and what is similar to gets judged more critically. The greater the likelihood of occurance, the higher the scrutiny, the less likely the occurance, the more lenient of judgments are passed. Be careful not to omit information in the public eye, as information omitted is deemed inference for weakness, or at issue, not recollected out loud so as to hide or conceal information. Must remember every statement made and and make clear, or later clarify previous statements made within the context of the given discussion, with directions as to how related if related at all, and whether important to what degree and towards what conclusion. These are not general defenses in life when it comes to public speaking, but are important pin points for reference when every statement by you is made, what to keep in mind, to protect yourself from harm and unreasonable assumptions made and inferences as to your purpose, your life, your identity, your causes, and your disposition in life now in terms of how it differs from your circumstances prior, always explain yourself, your current condition, and anything relative to understanding all sides better, not just your own.



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