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#Blog: Why I’m Suicidal Punching My Head: Defamation & Rejection by #LeslieFischman 

​Behind but plan on catching up this week. Need to put my program first before coping with trauma and dealing with others. It’s not a productive use of my time to be confrontational when trying to move forward and express my grievances towards others and criticize their behavior toward me and commentary concerning my present condition and mental state. It’s not easy being positive when you are not able to accomplish in life and suffer from disability, I don’t believe in prove them wrong, that just makes people think you are stronger than you are and subjects you to harm. I lost 50 lbs got dream jobs still ridiculed called a cancer whore because I don’t date and someone I dated had me take nude pictures for him. I’m not really grateful today for anyone but my family and #TaylorAdamsAM and all my fans. My Ex is making me suicidal and causing me low self esteem and low self confidence. I don’t think he appreciates how far I’ve come and the difference I’ve made on MYMOLLYDOLL and #Blogging Campaign, nothing you put your heart into is for show, it hurts to be criticized as though assembling a Campaign is easy for me, with no experience campaigning or in public speaking, I wish he would be more grateful for how much I’ve gone out of my way to help him instead of treating me like I’m something that I’m not. He makes me suicidal so I’m here to learn how to focus on positive things about myself so that I can be productive and build a future for myself not give up and file for disability. I think they will push you over the edge to get you to slam your head into walls label you mentally ill to make themselves feel better about themselves. It’s terrorism, it’s defamation, and I won’t put up with it and under no obligation to respond to him or anyone should just ignore people who are negative towards me, it only aggravates me and ruins the progress I’ve already made & destroys the happiness and inner peace I’ve already achieved to trigger what outcome? I notified him via flyer what causes suicide he does not listen tests me destroys my momentum and now have to start all over again in life. But I’m grateful to be here thank you for listening.



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