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#Blog: What’s at Issue by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #BloggingCampaign 

There are times when we are strong and there are times when we are ineffective at expressing ourselves and our emotions. Sometimes we get through to our audience and sometimes we feel misunderstood and get frustrated. Those are all normal feelings, apart of the writing process. It’s important to be clear, helpful, but not aggressive when explaining yourselves to others. The angrier you become the less likely you are to be heard, the more sound you are the more likely you are to be understood. It is rare when looking for empathy that you will find it. If you’re looking for empathy that means you’ve already lost your audience and their respect for you. In order to regain composure, one must look to their strengths & sources of support for feedback and direction, or else remain forever lost fighting with people who not only not understand you but don’t empathize with you and never will because they’ve already made up their minds about you not to care and may never care. Those who never care to understand may nevertheless be the ones to most question you for responses, that helps no one not even themselves, nor the writer or the writers audience, but just used to highlight neurosis and character weaknesses and points of defect to justify themselves as rationale. Anyone who depends on another to justify a feeling or rationale is in no position to pass judgment, spread rumor, or claim to know information as fact because not yet asserted or defended against. Usually what’s not of issue is left last for explanation and discourse. #Orlando



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