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#Blog: Anger & Resentment by #LeslieFischman #AngerManagement #BloggingCampaign 

How to Deal with Anger & Resentment:

The best way to deal with anger & Resentment is to do something positive for yourself. Whenever you feel angry towards others -it’s really a manifestation of some unhappiness within you -that gets triggered by another to whom you take that anger out on. The best way to deal with anger or resentments we carry towards others is to better oneself and NOT to act out or respond to others in a negative way -that only makes things worse. To better any situation or standing in life always rise above -meaning do not engage with others who are hostile towards you or who you do not get along with & resent because of the way they have treated you in the past i.e. with hostility, insult, by injury, or anger towards you. Always set a good example of how to deal with conflict by being successful with or without them in your life. The only way to earn the respect of others who do not respect you is to be successful and continue achieving in life. That would be my best response -and how I’ve best responded to those I once carried resentments towards, who expressed anger towards me, & who I did not get along with when I was not doing well & didn’t finish Law School. 



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