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#Blog: About #MYMOLLYDOLL #LoveQuote 

He’s one of those guys you’d love to love. Better than a trophy, he’s got the whole package. When he looks at you, you melt, and when you walk away from him you feel torn. He makes you feel good, excites you, and leaves you in wonder. He doesn’t question you, he let’s you grow, and he sees your potential to do better in life. He’s controlling but loving, he sets boundaries but let’s you explore, and he never ignores you. He’s the kind of guy you admire introduce to parents & chase, a catch. He’s the kind of guy who loves to love but within reason, always focused on Career. He’s difficult, stubborn, and hard headed but genuine, sincere, and caring. Never too faced, always up front, explains well, a good listener. He’s someone you grow with, never get tired of, because he’s about others not himself. He always tries his hardest to be there for others, and too hard on himself. He values people not things and knows his limits. He’s a great leader and someone very special to me. Taught me how to be patient, change, love myself, & grow even after you give up on yourself, realize mental illness is not a permanent condition but a product of who I interact with, what I choose to believe, & what I hear. Since talking to him daily, my conditions improved, my mind has quieted, and I look forward to life now, not ashamed or helpless. I write, stay home, stay sober, work, & hope to finish school. He’s my voice of reason when I’m lost & sounding board when I’m flying, and keeps me grounded. He’s the perfect amount of normal, and accepts me the same even though he met me when I was troubled & lost. His friendship has made all the difference & I’m so thankful I met him. He’s more than my love, but my favorite hashtag #TaylorAdamsAM.



Blogging Campaign Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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