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#InstaQuote: Know Your Part by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Purpose #Motivation 

It’s not always clear why things are the way they are. If things could be different how would they be? Often times we are left with more questions than answers in life. It’s easy to fill those gaps with assumptions, but more times than not what’s left unsaid or left unclear is best met with patience & understanding. That we all deserved. Not everyone has a voice & sometimes we need to speak loud on behalf of those who are not heard & who need our help most. We are not called upon, we are not always hired help, but when given the opportunity to make a positive difference it’s important if you have the position to do so -to put yourself out there, do your best, and help make positive change happen. It is always ones own responsibility to do what is in their mind the right thing to do at any given moment in time. And when ready to help, to do so. That is my part. 



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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