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#InstaQuote: Roads We’ve Crossed by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Things aren’t always what they seem. You may feel like everything is impossible, when you’re not trying hard enough, and things may feel easy in sync when you’re doing your best. It’s all a matter of having some kind of positive perspective in life. You may think of roads you have yet to cross, without thinking of all the roads you’ve already crossed. Not all of life is about getting to the otherside but appreciating the side you’re on when you’re on it, not wishing you were somewhere you’re not. Only you can make you happy, or so I’ve learned. It doesn’t matter who you’re with, single or attached, if you are not happy with where you are at chances are they will read that and not be happy either with you or where your relationship is at. People feel best around those who are stable and put together. So much about life is about who you are with in any given moment in time. It’s the people around you who help shape you & influence you in some way for better or worse. There’s a time & a place for everything. We are not always on the same pages in life. For what it’s worth accept others as well as yourself as you are, they are -and you will wind up being a much happier person because of that.



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