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#InstaQuote: About Love by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #LoveQuotes #Thoughts 

Love comes around every once in awhile. So be ready for it when it arrives. You’re never really ready to fall in love, it happens quickly, and unexpectedly. Could be a stranger in a bar, someone you meet while traveling, or at a business meeting -these people change your life forever. That’s how I met Taylor. He’s the one person who’s seen all sides to me. Knows my ups and downs -and what gets me back on my feet again. My sounding board, love, and trusted companion & confidant. Often times the ones you fall in love with are the ones who know you best, inside & out. Never be ashamed of who you are, we all have pasts, imperfect as we are, we all deserved to be loved, in whatever capacity another is willing to love us. Not all relationships are perfect, we don’t always get our happy ending. The goal is to be content with what you have in life, and do your best to be the best you can, easy to love, with open arms to those who need you most.



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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