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#InstaQuote: Finding Love by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #QOTD 

If even after so much time has passed you still think about someone, that’s how you know there’s love there. Don’t wait too long to tell someone how you feel about them and be sure to let them know where you’re at emotionally, personally, and professionally -so they know whether there’s a possibility for a match. You won’t know unless you try, when it comes to finding you’re dream companion in life. You never know, someone you once thought too good for you out of your league, may take interest in you one day if you try hard enough. You can never stop learning and growing as a person, they key to being attractive is to be well rounded, even tempered, driven, organized, likeable, and successful. Everyone wants to be with a catch, so if you find one you like, do your best to be a catch for them too. When you feel like a catch it’s easier to find a life partner then, than when you’re struggling, not at your best, or as successful in life as you can be. Have a strong sense of Faith in yourself, know what you want in life, and the best will come to you, always best to be working on yourself, it’s when you least expect it you find love.



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