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#InstaQuote: Your 20s vs. Your 30s by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

In your 20s you have the World at your fingertips. Fearless, driven, and motivated. At times you feel invincible, like anything could happen, and that you’re capable of making anything happen for you in life -if you just set your mind to it. That is true, running on all cylinders, school gym party is the easiest schedule in life it seems. But by the time you turn 30 reality begins to set  in, life feels short, and you realize there’s more too it than how many people surround you or by how many people accept you. Instead your success is measured by how much you get done past your 20s which seems like an award winning accomplishment to survive, but the hard work doesn’t start until you turn 30. At 20 you assemble, at 30 you create, at 20 you’re given directions, at 30 you write them, at 20 you train, at 30 you coach, at 20 you try, at 30 you learn. There’s nothing wrong with growing up by 30, so long as you value yourself, know your self-worth, set limits, and boundaries you should have no trouble continuing to grow at a steady pace, only difference, is that at 30 there’s no room for error, whereas your 20s don’t matter only sets you up for your 30s where you either shine straight to the top, or startover from the bottom up, except this time you’re getting paid. Lesson: Don’t burn yourself out too early in life with worry, regret, or take any hardships too seriously, as these are just learning lessons apart of life not the end all be all. Be Kind to yourself and enjoy life no matter what age you are, always do your best.  



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