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#InstaQuote: Who is the One? by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

You can wait your whole life for the perfect one, or you can build a relationship with someone who can become the one. There’s no such thing as the one when it comes to relationships, that’s just something they tell you to give you hope when you’re struggling to have faith you’ll find them one day. When you connect with someone spiritually and professionally that’s a product of hardwork, determination, and patience. Love requires you not take anything too personally and put the needs of others before your own, even if it means sacrificing you’re happiness to the benefit of another. We are not always willing in life to put the needs of others before our own, usually when we are working on ourselves. During those times its unlikely you’ll match perfect and the one may come and go, pass you by, without notice because you are focused on yourself not on helping others and finding someone who compliments your weaknesses and brings out your strengths. Those make the best loving relationships, and best long term unions. If you’re ever in doubt as to whether they’re the one, look first at yourself how much you’ve grown with them, what you’ve accomplished, and how fulfilled you feel in life, are you whole? In pieces? or Together? That would be the best measure for making a determination as to whether this person is right for you in your life right now or for the long term. Be with those who make you stronger, compliment your weaknesses, and buffer you when your down, it’s most likely when we are left astray neglected that these bonds break and cause us to question the status of the relationship to the ones we are with. The stronger you are individually the more matches you will find in life able to adapt and adjust more readily to the needs of others. But always a strong sense of Faith is required to maintain any loving relationship, that prepares us for any failures or losses we may encounter and causes us to in turn strengthen bonds with in the event of setbacks not turn a cold shoulder, leave behind, dismantle, or let go of something once sound but now broken.



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