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#InstaQuote: Trauma & Talk Therapy by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Just worry about you. Do your best not to worry about why anyones quiet or not productive or why this why that it could be nothing you turn into something just because it matters to you to hear something when nothing need be said whatever then comes out is never what’s expected. That’s why we are told to just leave things alone sometimes and just let people be. If a situation is uncomfortable -interrupting the life of anyone for explanation to your discomfort is selfish, never a product of the behavior of others but of your own, by what you chose to pay attention to in life, is what bothers you. What needs consoling us never the responsibility of others unless medical professionals you go to for help, then in those cases should your discomfort be remedied by your expression of self not by the expression of another you trigger. That only aggravates others not help alleviate trauma or discomfort. RULE #1: YOU HAVE TO LET OTHERS COME FORWARD AT THEIR OWN PACE AND WHEN THEY ARE READY YOU CANNOT FORCE SOMEONE TO COME FORWARD WHO DOES NOT WANT TO SPEAK OR TALK ABOUT WHAT’S BOTHERING THEM.



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