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#InstaQuote: Managing Ourselves by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

#Blog: Don’t waste time arguing with thoughts, thoughts about what people think or thoughts about what you think or hear others say in response to anything you’ve written. This only disempowers you as a Writer. Write to the sound of your own voice to the beat of your own tune, not to the tune of another, that is how you differentiate yourself from other writers. When you write in response to others, you are no longer in control, but being controlled by the prompts of others, based upon their needs not your own. When you listen to much to others, the only person you are hurting is yourself, by not illustrating your current thought processes but replying in response to the thought processes of another. This is something you learn as a writer how to stay in control of your thoughts, how to stay in your zone, and how to fulfill your purpose as a writer and a Blogger not the purposes of those who criticize you, who wish to see you fail not succeed in life. It’s easy to read it’s difficult to write. The reader is always empowered the writer is always drained disempowers by putting into words their thoughts. My purpose for writing is to help those SIMILARLY SITUATED be better able to help themselves, never writing to the benefit of those who harm, insult, dismember, or cause chaos in the lives of others. This is not a scared straight program, this is not a head start program, this is not therapy. This is me sharing my thoughts to hopefully benefit you the reader in deciphering your own thoughts and emotions which are sometimes hard to articulate, figure out, or view situations from a positive standpoint. The purpose of my blogging is to help convert those who think negatively about themselves or others to see positively, the benefits of doing so, and why it is important to do so during these times. When one is harmed, in a position of helping others, many have the potential to be harmed, why it’s important to put personal issues with individuals aside when it comes to interfering with their ability to perform professionally. We don’t all know eachother in the same way, not on Social media, in real life, professionally, socially, or romantically and it is assumed that everyone behaves differently in each of these given situations. Therefore it’s never appropriate to judge someone as more or less professional because you only know them in one way romantically or socially.



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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