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#InstaQuote: Live Your Best Life Now by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

You can spend your whole life wondering or you can spend the rest of your life living. It’s your choice, decision how you choose to spend your time on earth. You only get one earth suit in life take good care of it and don’t complain later in life if your earth suit tattered and battered up is preventing you from living your best life. Everyone has the ability to look and feel their best. It’s nothing to do with genetics or health problems, with meds, and by following proper weight management tips you too can have the life and body you deserve. For a long time I struggled with weight, it seemed impossible -played soccer and ran never lost a pound. Then I started eating vegetables and lost 50lbs. Now living my best life at 30 the center of attention and with newfound confidence I never had before in life. Inspired by myself and inspiring others daily to keep trying and never give up. Image matters, but mostly to you, please yourself first before trying to please others, at your best is when you are strongest and only you know and can determine what your best is -dont let anyone tell you differently, or make you feel like you’re not good enough cause mental illness and self destructive behaviors, it’s so not worth it.



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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