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#InstaQuote: Dealing with Your Past & Negativity by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Whenever anyone passes judgment upon you that’s merely a manifestation of their own insecurities, things they fear others would say about them. Occurring when you are misinterpreted in the negative, and assumptions made prior to or because of can be justified by the statements they make in response. Your image is therefore a product of not only what you say but also affected by what people say about you. As a writer your opinions and judgments are never considered with weight given to your present circumstances if in the positive, any prior negative judgments passed will be used to negate any current placements or acceptances of you as a Writer or person. So long as you always do your best, no matter what your circumstances are, not allow negativity to get the best of you, you will always shine and be represented not by your moments of weakness and or failure but by your strength in spite of. We all want to be judged by our accomplishments in life and seen in the positive based on our present circumstances, which can only be achieved if you adhere to a set of standards that’s sets you apart from those moments of failure from which you can be judged in a positive light as having changed, improved, progressed as an individual and learned from those moments in life, by becoming a better person and achieving in spite of any setbacks you encounter along the way. 



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