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#InstaQuote: What Does Not Concern You Should Not Bother You by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

What does not concern you should not bother you. Don’t make matters worse, trying to help someone who does not need help, that only makes them uncomfortable and you defensive for trying to help where help was not needed. Do unto others as you wish done to yourself. Meaning enjoy the company of others without prying into their personal lives or interrupting their psyche by questioning their thought processes and demonstration of the current state of mental health. If one is not I’ll, do not cause one to become ill by going backwards or analyzing situations with markers that cause concern leave room for misinterpretion. Never analyze based solely on what you know, but always leave room to incorporate analysis and explanation from viewpoints you have yet to discover for yourself or see. Always remember when judgment is passed that is a reflection of that individuals nonacceptance of any one person NOT a reflection of there being something inherently wrong with the individual to whom criticism is established and used to commit recurring acts of discrimination upon another based upon one FALSE LIGHT commentary. Do not question the rights of others only their wrongs and where things go RIGHT in their life ALWAYS assume that by NO WRONGS were committed to achieve a right in life. As God NEVER rewards bad behavior only good behavior, and ones accolades always reflect that good behavior existed at the time of that individuals successes in life. Don’t cause problems to exist where problems never existed (i.e. head punching and pills) that are now a problem, dependent on, whereas before not a problem but criticized for. People create problems for others or allege problems exist to feel superior and make you feel inferior to them, less than.



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