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#InstaQuote: Responding to Negativity – Don’t People Please by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Often times the best way to respond to negativity is to not respond at all. Don’t people please, in the negative. Meaning responding to negativity only empowers those who are negative towards you. When others are being negative towards you, remember to help yourself first, not say anything to strengthen their point of view. Fighting tends to bring out our worst, and only makes you feel bad about yourself. The best way to handle any negativity is to focus on the positives, not reinforce negative commentary by response to or argument. The best position to strengthen is always your own, the less you say in response the better off you’ll be as everything you say will be used to either confirm their opinions of you or negate any positive commentary about you by using your words towards them against you. Don’t allow others to bring out your weaknesses in character or highlight traits not preexisting prior to communication in reply to them. If conditions do not exist to justify their negative comments about you, then no need to defend oneself or make look by being defensive that preexisting conditions exist. Therefore never respond to non-issues, anything that bothers you will look like an issue if you respond to it, others test for triggers, to see what problems exist do not exist within you to make themselves feel better about themselves for having made those assumptions about you in the first place. Don’t give others power over you & never allow others to control your thoughts by issuing negative prompts to affect your writing to affect the writings that represent you, to cause you to misrepresent yourself, what matters to you, and what is important to you, when it comes to the topics you choose to write about. Always write from your viewpoint not the viewpoint of others, as it’s your job always to best represent yourself not others when it comes to writing your thoughts and opinions. It’s therefore not your job or in your best interests ever to represent others, as it may be mistaken as self reflection, as with everything you write is used to judge you and your subjective interpretations to pass judgment on the underlying causes and triggers for having the set of beliefs and opinions you do about life based upon your interactions with others. 



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