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#InstaQuote: Love & Friendships by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Never allow love and relationships to interfere with your friendships. Men come and go but friends last forever. Don’t get stuck pleasing one, at the expense of losing all your friends. Just as relationships need be maintained so do friendships. It’s hard to maintain any relationship without friends, without friends results in codependency, and lack of independence usually causes problems for you later down the road in your relationship. If you like your friends you should keep your friends. No one person is worth sacrificing those friendships you’ve maintained you whole life for. No one’s needs are more important than you’re own needs. It’s important to bond with those you love but also important to maintain those bonds (friendships) that you’ve maintained your whole life to help get you where you are spiritually and professionally. Be thankful for your friends, and don’t forget about them once you partner up and find new relationships in life, and they’ll be thankful you’ve remembered them and still care despite the changes you experience in life, with or without them. You know yourself best, don’t let anyone interfere with your positive progress by trying to change you and manipulate you to Conform to their needs at your expense. You should never have to sacrifice current relationships in order to build a new relationship, when in doubt always try to maintain a balance, set boundaries, and always do what makes you most comfortable not always catering to the needs of others at your expense. 



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