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#InstaQuote: Express Yourself Don’t Be a Doormat by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

You can’t expect people to know what you’re thinking. You’re given so many opportunities in life to express yourself, your dreams, your fears, and discomforts in life. You’ll never get what you want out of life keeping these things to yourself. They always say less is more, but not at your expense. Never be anyone’s Doormat in life. You’re not expected to go out of your way to explain yourselves to others, but at the same time one should never remain too silent about their hopes and dreams. In order to make happen what you want in life and have the life you think you deserve, requires you to speak up sometimes. It never hurts to ask. Always be proactive, reach out to friends, attending meetings & social events, and put yourself out there, sometimes that’s all it takes to change your life, & live a better life. Always live and express the best version of yourself, afterall you never know whose watching and you never know what they’re thinking.



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