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#InstaQuote: Judge By Normal by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL 

Those who are passionate are always questioned from where do their passions arise. Those who are happy are always questioned from where does their happiness arise. Usually by those who do not understand why anyone given their circumstances are where they are in life. No one’s places in life should be of concern to us, only our own, it’s wrong to judge by comparison, if I were you and you were me I’d be here or there, so on and so forth. Live your life best, never be too involved in lives of others, especially lives of others who do not concern your own. Anyone’s success is a product of their own hardwork and effort, to no one’s name or success can one piggy back and find similar success in life but by their our merits succeed on their own. Judge others not by their personal lives but by their professional selves are always the best representation of us individually, character is to be judged based upon the totality of the circumstances one endures in life and how they are normally not by instances of failure, rejection, or displeasure in life.



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