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#InstaQuote: About Love by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #MentalHealth #Depression 

​Save me from myself when I’m torn. Lost or without direction, steer me back on course, and help guide me back on track. Know me better than I know myself and love me more than I love myself. In a creative space we are happy, in all creative spaces happiness stirs, this is a natural reaction to comradere and communication, a blessing in life and natural occurance, if forced stifles us, if lacking drains us, that’s the importance of social interaction which without even with love or significant others by our side we are never fully in tune, feel like wandering souls disconnected from reality dependent on one for which your heart beats but doesn’t beat back. It’s lonely when your strong and happy and if your not careful someone who has yet to figure that out for themselves will try to take away your happiness because they think it will make them happy just as happy too. Keep those on your wavelength close and distance yourself from those on negative wavelengths treat as patients not as friends or lovers but with the same respect you give to others but with spaces in between. Otherwise they take up those spaces with themselves and push you off center and leave no room for you to achieve the same but without them as though you are for them, reassured to them by demonstrated dependency on them while they enjoy the independence and security you created for yourself and able to provide for them when they were off center, lost, without love for themselves or others. Those who are about themselves make the worst friends and lovers like air their souls float through you not light you up drain you to maintain hurt you when they’re done but expect you just the same.



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