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#InstaQuote (5): Be the Best Version of Yourself by #LeslieFischman #Blogger 

​Always present the best version of yourself when in public, you never know who’s watching, or judging you based upon your appearance, dress, demeanor, and attitude towards life. Some are more or less forgiving when it comes to Social Media, and a perfectly normal reputation can quickly transition to questionable or deemed abnormal by comparison to your peers. If you are someone who cares about lot about what other people think then Social Media may not be the best platform to Blog on, and a Website may be preferred, away from the noise of anticipated commentary by your critics. Why best to always be Professional online no matter what your age or occupation is every post matters and you are judged by every post -critically assessed in terms of your intelligence, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore not only is what you say important but more importantly how you say things online directly reflect your attitude in life which you will be judged by in the positive or negative. Your level of maturity and seriousness towards life will be based upon how well you manage your moods, maintain composure, your work ethic, output, and ability to find stability even during your toughest days. This is why blogging online everyday is so challenging because despite your moods, or personal life -you have to maintain steady footing, and a professional tone to be well received by your audience. 



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