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#InstaQuote (4) by #LeslieFischman #Instagram (Always Assume the Positive – Misinterpretation) 

​There’s nothing scarier than being the last to know of something, which everyone but you knows, but concerns you. Whenever anything brought to your attention shocks you, the worst thing you can do is react in the negative, it only makes things worse, and makes those around you feel even worse than they already do -always assume the positive in those circumstances that anything common knowledge is assumed to be known, and if not -not purposefully concealed from those not in the know, left out, to whom the message was not clearly relayed to. Primary Sources are the best sources of information especially when it comes to information about people and secondary sources (that includes information by telephone person to person) should not be trusted as accurate -as it is always restated in the interpretation of the person relaying such messages (from their point of view or by their judgments/opinions) -as it applies to information they believe or misinterpret to be fact about another, or as it relates to their understanding of the matter. Why its important to always interpret everything in the positive, not get paranoid about whether your best interests are considered in the retelling of stories, to overcome the risk of sharing online, make sure you are always clear, there’s no room for error, but in the event any statement is misinterpreted and brought to your attention at a later point you can always layer clarify if not recant your statement all together for good cause if good cause exists and additional facts can be given to clarify why there’s room for misinterpretation and by what additional statements such information if coupled with has room for misinterpretation.



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