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#InstaBlog: The Hardest Part – Balance by #MYMOLLYDOLL #LeslieFischman #InstaQuote 

​The hardest part about living life is enjoying life. This occurs when you’re losses outweigh your successes in life, and you have difficulty overcoming the heavy burden of proving yourself once again. Every stage of your development requires overcoming some setback that makes you stronger and once overcome allowed to move on to the next chapter in life with ease, not held back by the burden that once left you feeling helpless, stuck, like nothing in life was ever going to change for you and that your current disease was some kind of a permanent position in life you’d have to learn to accept. People change people, it’s easier to help change another for the better than it is to help yourself change, but through that process of engaging and helping others you get the much required confidence required to then turn around and help yourself overcome your personal battles and/or setbacks and past failures in life. One catch, until you can help yourself you are not fit to help others. Why is that? Because you won’t know how to help others, in areas of life, you have yet to achieve for yourself, overcome, realize, be able to see, or be able to overcome on your own first. Certainly the process of helping others will not help you realize how to help yourself -if how you help others is how you help yourself and it’s not working for you you are not better than how can one recommend a similar process or set of steps to another one has yet to overcome themselves. How you help others best is limited to the capacity of your personal experiences – it’s okay to say I don’t know or I’ll get back to you, don’t just convince someone that there’s something wrong with them when there is nothing wrong with them and force them to adhere to steps to overcome problems that never existed. You can actually create problems for people in their lives if by your recommendation based on external knowledge not knowledge by experience is shared as a way of dealing with a problem you have no experience with -that is judged as problematic characteristics you deem abnormal because you cannot accept a person as they are quiet. Quiet does not mean perturbed troubled or ill – it means focused loss of energy due to heavy output and as a natural reaction quiet when reintroduced to the Company of others an extrovert around strangers and an introvert around people they know well. That’s because you only have so much energy per day to expend on taking care of yourselves and others, it is never required you spend more energy taking care of others than you do helping yourself, that’s not selfish, that’s being professional. Why? Because until you are happy with yourself successful and fulfilled it’s hard to set aside time to be there for others, if you are well have overcome personal troubles than always make every effort to be present when presence is needed. This is the careful balance I try to currently maintain between Self-care and at at the same time feeling like I’m doing enough contributing enough to help make a difference and offer clear insight useful for Entertainment Purposes that helps raise money for #BradyCampaign & #MomsDemand.



MYMOLLYDOLL Founder, Writer, & Fashion Blogger.

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