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Who is #JayWest? by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #BloggingCampaign

Who is Jay West? My new Boyfriend. -I met Jay in 2013 sometime around January 2013 at Qs Billiard, it was late afternoon and I was sitting at the corner of the Bar on the Right when you walk in, he was seated in the middle of the Bar to my left. I had my headphones on and writing in my phone as usual, except on my notepad on my iphone, this was before I started blogging again on @mymollydoll on Twitter. He started talking to me, I ignored him, but then took my headphones off to respond. He told me he was in Tech. He looked like he had had a long day, and was moody. We exchanged names but that was it. We were both regulars, and later saw him at the Bar a few times more before finally getting up and asking his friend for his number, and then getting a kiss from him one evening upstairs on the balcony when I decided to start talking to him. -As a regular he would always greet me when he walked in, stop me from writing in my phone with my headphones on to kiss me on the cheek and update me on his successes and new ventures as a Techie. I was always happy for him, smile, and return to my work on my phone. We dated Spring/Summer 2013 before I met Keith who I ended up dating for a year because he was more persistent and saw me frequently, I stopped talking to Jay all together when I met Keith. Fast forward to January 2016 I finally decided to move on, spiritually after having been single for 2 years after my breakup and decided to get back in contact with Jay who replied excited to hear from me and catch up, he was busy that evening around the 1st, think it was New Years I contacted him, and would be attending a Concert the following day, then off to Mexico for Vacation. By the time he was able to see me I had already made friends with #TaylorAdamsAM on Facebook, who later defriended me, after I announced I had a boyfriend online Jay West who I had just started dating when he got back from his trip. -Upset I was defriended I took space from Jay West for the past 8 Months to work on myself, my campaign, get to know #TaylorAdamsAM and understand his quirks why he defriended me and what it is he likes and does not like about me, when he includes me in his life, and when he blocks me from his life all together -as this has never happened to me before in life, been defriended and without explanation. 

You never know how things in life will turn out for you. There are no rules when it comes to dating, and there is nothing wrong with not being able to move forward or going backwards, that’s understandable. Everything takes time, and sometimes if you’re lucky people will float in and out of your life and make great long term companions if you allow them to be in your life and don’t brush them off, they could end up being your boyfriend one day. So thankful for Jay West and his patience with me, giving me time to figure out what I want in life, and decide on my own what’s best for me, and who my best match in life is for me, and be given every opportunity to see what else is out there to know whether he is the best fit for me, now at this time in my life. Everyone is worth it, who loves you, and makes an extended effort to get to know you better, never take anyone for granted, I’m lucky he’s still Single and available and calls me his Girlfriend. Lucky me. 



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