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Tips for Working While Single by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #LifeAdvice #Romance

Always be traditional/formal in your approach towards relationships. Being a Professional requires you to do so. Even when it comes to dating and friendships. Never let your emotions get the best of you or allow your racing thoughts to interfere with your decision making. So long as you are Professional and honest in your approach you should never worry about what others think or beat yourself up over acceptance and/or rejection. Miscommunications often occur during the formation of any relationship business or otherwise personal. Always be respectful of the feelings of others whether reciprocated or not when others are open with you just be kind and always set firm boundaries with them so they know where you are at emotionally/Professionally. Sometimes when Single as a Professional you have to turn down opportunities to make way for others in the future. No job should ever require you to overcompensate your needs or allow others to overstep your boundaries -you are always the best judge of character and decision making skills sharp when Sober be sure to be Sober at most if not all any Work related events. If I think of any more “Tips for Working While Single” I’ll let you know. Be well everyone.



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