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Rejection & Professionalism by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL #Work #Relationships 

​Never be discouraged by the wrongs projected onto you by others who misjudge you, underestimate your capacity, and level of intelligence disregard you all together as equal and or deserving of title to a position you deserve in the workforce. There will always be more opportunities for you to shine in life. Never let down your guard to anyone in a trusted position. Never assume that people who care can help you. In the workforce and in relationships, once entered into, only you can help yourself. Never rely on a partner or significant other to be there for you when you are down. When you are down, vulnerable is when they judge you, when relationships take a turn for the worst. It’s not your responsibility to explain your every quirk or shortcomings in life. You have no obligation to explain yourself to anyone. Those who pry do so only to size you up, if they’re sizing you up from the get go, even the more reason to limit bonding time with them. Professional relationships breed awkward Romantic relationships don’t allow another’s neediness to cause you to accommodate their needs stay professional at all times never let down your guard and never enter into a professional relationship when weak insecure or not sure of yourself it affects your decision making and when your decision making is off you have a greater likelihood of putting yourself at risk of harm of embarrassment. Either encouraged to engage in behavior against you’re general morals or habits to their convenience or not be viewed as valuable but replaceable if not confident with yourself. Why decision making skills must be up to par measured first by your ability to manage your life outside of work first before allowing your personal life to interfere with work relationships, spill over and result in dependency, co-dependency, or other like unhealthy relationships at work where boundaries are not respected and you subject yourself to rejection, get projected on, and treated like a pushover because your personal life issues were not dealt with prior to entering into that relationship. Food for thought. Good luck!



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