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New Post on #Tumblr by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL Re: #WritersBlock

Looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve taken a couple of months off of work -working on myself. And start work again tomorrow as a Paralegal. (Short Career Affiliate Marketing Online via Shareasale and ShopStyle -may return at a later point). Meanwhile, Ive spend the past 2-3 months organizing my Blogs. -About to go on a run. 👟 I run everyday on Ocean Ave trying to keep my weight down. Recently I’ve been suffering from Writers Block. 🔚⬆🔝⬇In fact, my first bout with Writers Block in 4 years. I cut back blogging online initially due to mental illness, thought that it was the blogging online that was making me sick. Well actually I met a Guy who I really like, and thought that too much blogging online was turning him off, so I cut back. But things haven’t really changed in that department, still single. 🎀 I’m not sure how much it’s helped, but online I generated up to 90k+ Followers per hashtag on Facebook as a professional Blogger. So at the end of the day, this change was a good thing. ☺😑🤔😂 I got so used to writing whatever was on my mind, I forgot how to write professionally, and this is what prompted me to begin writing more professional posts and put my best foot forward. I’ve always been thoughtful and considerate of my audience, but I think as a professional Blogger whenever you write your best work -everyone benefits including you. And I even think it helped make me stand out more as a Blogger. Always stick to what you’re good at. That’s what they say, but you don’t always understand advice given until you experience setbacks for yourself, and/or failure. I used to just write without doing any research, now I practically won’t post without doing some research ahead of time. Some of this new knowledge I wish I had when I first started blogging and was running on all cylinders. -Like why it’s so important to be Professional online. I think in every post I read on how to maintain a successful blog and not turn off your audience, they stressed the importance of presentation and providing professionally written content. But what is professionally written content without research. How can we trust the advice given by someone online without citations. Which is why I now write and cite. I hope to read the best articles on topics I choose and share content I feel most relevant to that topic in a condensed fashion. That’s how I think I can be best of service to others online. Utilize my strong background in research and writing to provide more qualified and professional posts on any given topic within the scope of my personal expertise -that is in blogging. And demonstrate that expertise by sharing my understanding of what I’ve read and share my best advice based upon what I’ve read as it relates to blogging. -As I grow and learn as a Professional Blogger and grow my following I hope to overcome my Writers Block and continue to provide professionally written work, my best work, and create Websites I am proud of, that represent me well, and present work that others close to me can also be proud of too. That’s my goal right now. —Thanks for reading. And look forward to sharing on my new blogs <a href=””></a&gt;,, as well continue Book Writing on and Fashion Blogging daily on -While managing #BloggingCampaign. 🌸 For Daily Updates you can visit me on Facebook at 



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